There are a lot of organizations in the world developed to help people of all ages that tend to go unrecognized in their efforts, whether they want it that way or not. You would sooner hear about someone being awarded grand prize sweepstakes in the evening news telecast than you would about charities giving back to the community. Well, we're here to put an end to that and spotlight one of those wonderful organizations that go out of their way to help out those in situations that require aid. The organization in question that we're talking about is the Children's Aid Society or (CAS).

If you aren't aware of who or what the Children's Aid Society is and are asking yourself, let us get you caught up. The Children's Aid Society is a charitable organization with a main goal of protecting children and supporting Canadian families. CAS supports families and protects children in a variety of ways with any available resources they can. There are chapters of Children's Aid Societies found all over Canada and we're going to spotlight the Children's Aid Society of Toronto.

The Children's Aid Society of Toronto's mission is to stop any potential scenarios in which child abuse and neglect can occur and their most important value is putting the needs of children before anything else. All the Children's Aid Society of Toronto wants is to create an environment in which children are safe and families within the community are strong and receive as much support as needed. The same can be said for all other Children's Aid Societies across Canada.

One of the services provided by the Children's Aid Society of Toronto include Family Centered Conferencing, where community service providers, family members, support persons and CAS workers all come together with the goal of agreeing on ways to keep children safe.

Other things that the Children's Aid Society of Toronto provides include giving tips on window safety, providing dental clinic access, tips on how to take care of sleeping infants, hold fundraisers, award scholarships, promote adoption, arranging for kinship family living situations, and addressing the issue of discrimination and racism. If there is a report made about potential child abuse, they will investigate.

Anything the Children's Aid Society can do to help children will be done and there are plenty of CAS case workers on hand to ensure that happens. If you are looking for a way to give back to your community and help out others, contact your local CAS for volunteer opportunities.

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