A first summer job, be it pet sitting or retail sales, is a rite of passage. Usually sometime in high school a teenager will get themselves a job so they can have some spending cash in their pocket and no longer have to rely on their parents for a source of income. It can get kind of tiring asking parents to borrow $20 off them so they can go to the movies or shopping. Getting a job not only eliminates the need to ask for money but it also helps save a little cash for the future.

Whenever somebody goes out for their first job the most important factor other than not having to work weekends is how much they're getting paid. Most adults already know the basics when it comes to hourly rates, vacation time, salary, and commission, etc. However, if your son or daughter is looking into getting a job for the first time and have an interview lined up you might want to set them straight on a few things first.

Such as explaining to them what is minimum wage. They may have heard the term before but if they're gearing up to get their first job, you might want to give them the scoop about minimum wage and how it might affect them. If you're unsure of how to break down minimum wage to your kids then continue reading this article before sitting your son or daughter around the kitchen table for some handy explanation tips.

In the most basic of terms, minimum wage is the lowest monetary amount an employer can pay somebody to work for them. The minimum wage is set by the government and details exactly how much an employer has to pay an employee. It doesn't matter if you're a full time employee, part time employee, casual employee, work on commission, get paid hourly, are on salary, or get paid a piece or flat rate, there is a minimum you must get paid.

Of course not everybody gets paid the same minimum wage and some categories of workers such as students under 18, liquor servers, homeworkers, or hunting and fishing guides, just to name a few, have different minimum wages than the standard minimum wage.

Letting your son or daughter know what the minimum wage is will give them an idea of how much money they will be earning at a job that pays the minimum wage. It will also warn them in case they are hired at a business that is trying to pay them less than the minimum wage. Most people hiring, such as fast food restaurants or convenience stores, know the minimum wage and offer jobs that start at the minimum wage. If your son or daughter is offered something that doesn't meet the minimum wage standard then advise them to look at other places hiring.

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