The University of Toronto is not only the country's largest post-secondary institution but is also known throughout the world as one of the top locations for research and education. What started as King's College in 1827, now has expanded to three different campuses and is providing degrees to those that want to study engineering to those that want to run their own business. Toronto Ontario sees more than sixty thousand students come here every year to attend classes and there is a faculty of more than eight thousand professors and support staff.

This is a school with a list of alumni of almost half a million former students and is rich with tradition and achievements. There are more than six hundred different degree programs for students to choose from and this will set them on their way to becoming a doctor at Sick Kids or a dentist at Plaza Dental Centre. Toronto locations of the school are downtown at the St George Campus, in Scarborough, and in Mississauga. The Institute of Aerospace Studies is also located in the Northwest of the city and Koffler Scientific Reserve is located in Jokers Hill.

The University of Toronto brings more to the city than just a great place to study. This was where the first electronic pacemaker was developed and where research was done to create the astronaut suit that is used today. And if you're looking for a better job, Toronto statistics tell us that this school is the fifteenth largest employer in the entire Greater Toronto Area. They have helped to create more than one hundred companies and contribute billions of dollars to the economy annually.

This is known as a liberal arts school and the largest faculty is definitely Arts & Sciences. In addition to attending classes, there are hundreds of clubs and organizations to join and some of the best athletes in the country. This is the perfect place to learn what life is on your own while learning about your favourite books or how to make security cameras. Toronto students come from local homes to countries all over the world and study at the undergraduate, masters, and professional levels. This is the perfect place to attend classes if you've always dreamed of living in Toronto and going to one of the best schools in the world.

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