When most parents are looking to buy or rent a home for their family, one of the priorities is to get as many people as possible their own room. There are lots of conflicts that can come up when two people are meant to exist for a long period of time in the same space. But, sometimes when you're looking at real estate for a home in some of the world's priciest cities, it is not possible to get the same amount of bedrooms as people. Then, you're going to need to work to help your kids adjust to the concept of sharing a room.

Give them as much private space as possible. The older the kids are that are staying in the room, the more they will want to know that part of their room is only theirs. If you're trying to preserve some space then you might consider getting them loft beds with a curtained off space underneath. While this isn't the same as having their own four walls and a door, it will make them feel like there is always somewhere where they can be alone without being seen by the rest of the family.

Let both parties have their say when it comes to decorating. If you're someone who's condo looks like a four-page spread in Living magazine, or the showcase home on Centraltoronto.net, then you might not like the idea of two different people contributing to the design of a room. But, you should remember that it's more important that both people feel comfortable there than that the space looks perfect. Some people choose to take their kids on two separate trips to the home store to get decorating supplies after things like the paint colours have been chosen.

Give your kids as many reasons to be out of their room as possible. Many people have to share a very small room while they are at university and get along just fine. This is because there is so much to do at school, you don't spend much time in your own space unless you're sleeping. Choose one of the condo options with a games room or take some extra time and money to fix them up their own space in the basement. You should also try to get them involved in as many activities as possible away from home.

Stay organized. Your realtor can tell you that a clean room looks larger and has a more positive energy than a messy one. Let the people living in the room come up with their own design and system for keeping things in their rightful place. If they can do this then you will find there will be much fewer fights about the little things.

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