The best thing about finding yourself in a world famous city like Toronto, whether you're there on vacation or you live nearby, is that there's never a shortage of fun things to do. It doesn't matter what you're into, how little your budget is, or whether you're alone or with a big family there's going to be something fun and exciting to see or do in Toronto.

If you're looking for a place to take the family to, especially if your kids are really into art and appreciate works of art like Group Of Seven paintings then the one place you have to take them to is the Royal Ontario Museum. Routinely referred to as ROM, the Royal Ontario Museum is one of Canada's biggest museums and is actually the largest museum in Canada when it comes to natural history and world culture; yearly visitors to ROM easily surpasses one million.

A visit to ROM will provide museum spectators with over six million items, forty galleries, diverse natural history and world culture collections! Some notable collections that you can feast your eyes on if you roam the halls of ROM feature dinosaurs, African art, minerals and meteorites, Near Eastern art, East Asian art, as well as sections devoted to Canadian and European history. In addition to all that we just mentioned ROM is home to the world's largest fossil collection from the Burgess Shale, as it has over 150,000 specimens! If you would like to decorate your home with framed wildlife pictures then the Burgess Shale collection is a must see exhibit for you at ROM!

For the art lovers out there you'll be happy to know that ROM also has an extensive collection of fine and design arts that feature works of product design, clothing design, interior design and lots of art pieces! You should be able to get your art on acrylic fix pretty easily at ROM. Many people also love museums because of the hands on exhibits they offer and ROM is no different! The Digital Gallery and CIBC Discovery Gallery are just two hands on exhibits you can take part in at ROM that provide users with a chance to learn about such things as Canadian history and paleontology.

Now that you're aware of ROM and what it offers visitors of all ages it's time to get your art groove on and plan a trip with the whole family to the Royal Ontario Museum! Have fun and we hope you enjoy your time at ROM!

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