One of the things that people from all over the world admire and love about Canadians is our ability to have fun. Many of the funniest comedians currently working in Hollywood are Canadian born and there are always fun things to do here, whether you're living in Vancouver or visiting the East coast for the first time. Here are some of the top things to do for entertainment throughout Canada, whether you're a kid living in your parents home or a professional living in an urban centre.

Living in a country this diverse and beautiful lends itself to dozens of different sports for people of all ages. In the summer time you will see people playing baseball or basketball in the park (the latter of which was invented in Canada) and in the winter there are hundreds of ski hills to choose from and rinks for skating and hockey. If you're living in a large city like Etobicoke than you will have a combination of indoor and outdoor sporting venues to take advantage of. If instead you're spending your summer vacation in a cottage rental than there are tons of outdoor places where you can play and get some exercise.

If you're more one who is looking for someone to entertain you rather than being a part of the action than you will find all sorts of amazing performers on Canadian soil. The arts in Canada are relatively new and there are many untapped sources that are still waiting to be noticed. But that being said, there are theatre companies, music ensembles, and artists from coast to coast that are attempting to make their living on entertainment. For some fun you could attend a performance at the end of a day or could take your kids to a performance of one of their favorite entertainers.

Sometimes all you need for a great day or night of fun is just an interesting location and some good friends. Whether you're celebrating the opening of your business or are going out for your birthday in Vancouver there are restaurants, bars, clubs, and festivals that might interest you. And because Canada is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, you never have to run out of new experiences when you're stepping out into the country's largest cities. This is a country where there are always new things to discover. That could be the most fun thing of all.

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