There are so many great things that Canada is known for. Some of them are a part of the culture and experienced by most of the people living here and others seem to just be ways that the outside world sees us, whether or not they're completely true. If you're moving from America or anywhere else on the globe to Canada then you may be wondering what it's like for kids to grow up in Canada. Here are some of the things that seem to be experienced by most youngsters in this country.

Winter and summer sports. There are not many countries with as much wilderness and open space as Canada and young people love to explore and be active when they're given the chance. Some might have a skating and hockey pond in the backyard while others will leave the city of Montreal for the day to hit the slopes. And in the summer there are lakes to canoe and boat on, mountains to climbs, and many trails to bike on. While recent studies show that the population of Canada is less healthy than it should be, we are much better at being active than our southern neighbours.

Quality education. No matter if you're living in a city as big as Ottawa or a small hamlet outside of Guelph, you can be sure that there is a good school nearby for children of all ages. The Conference Board of Canada reports that out of seventeen first-world nations polled Canada came in second in terms of the quality of its education system behind Finland. This was in terms of the schooling given to those age five all the way up to twenty-five. The only thing that put Canada behind the leader was the number of PhD graduates.

Multiculturalism is also a big part of life in Canada. When you're growing up in a place like the GTA you can be sure that you will be exposed to all sorts of people coming to live here from the corners of the world. This creates an environment that can nurture accepting and tolerant children without the same questions and prejudices that someone with less exposure might have. Even if you're living in smaller communities in Canada children are able to see all kinds of cultures being practised openly.

For Canadian children it is very common to try many extracurricular activities outside of school. Some choose to join a sports team near their home while others might take dance classes or piano lessons. Many parents, teachers, and child development experts encourage youth to be as well rounded and active as possible to grow healthy minds and bodies.

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