French immersion has managed to become a part of the Canadian learning landscape and for good reason. Our country is a bilingual one and if you start with the kids, you will be sure to have a country that is completely bilingual in years to come. It does not matter if you decide to purchase an Laval property or a Quebec City home; the legal documents are always presented in both languages.

If you listen to those who have chosen to live in Canada, you would often be surprised to hear what reasons are being given. From the perspective of an adult, it could be anything from a great job as an executive or as a professor at a University to being able to enjoy sweeping views of Vancouver or the Rideau Canal.

A student may tell you that studying in Canada is lots of fun because you have so many options and a class action Canada lawyer may tell you that their work brings them lots of financial and personal satisfaction. Now, if you were to seek the opinion of a kid, they may gleefully tell you that living in Canada means being able to play ice hockey, skate on frozen ponds, and snow shoe and ski in open country.

The unique thing about Canada is that at any given time of the year, there is always something to do and you don't have to leave this beautiful country to enjoy yourself. Think of the refreshing canoe trips on those peaceful lakes or those breathtaking views of those Rocky Mountains and any hard working person will tell you that a good old fashioned Canadian vacation is almost always what the doctor orders to help control the stress levels.

There is so much for our Canadian kids to be proud of and so many heroes for them to emulate. From Wayne Gretzky to singers such as Bryan Adams and Anne Murray to famous politicians, our kids are not lacking when it comes to being able to choose. Canadian kids can also readily boast that they have the chance to grow up in lovely homes; from the home you fell in love with on a dream property site, to the retirement villa your parents purchased from in Vancouver.

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