Even from an early age we all think about what we want to do for a living when we are done school. Some people start out with goals that are a little more ambitious and hard to attain, like being an astronaut or a professional athlete. But there are others who, even when they are not yet old enough to really understand the full job descriptions of people who work as a doctor or as chiropractor (see here), see themselves in more widespread careers. But when you're looking at the things that the young people in Canada will grow up to be you need to consider what careers will be valued in the coming years.

With the addition of new technologies all the time, the world of business is an industry that is ever changing. There is more competition, as smaller companies are able to reach global markets and new products and services being created all the time. One of the business sectors that is really going to be in high demand as the world moves into its next phase is advertising and marketing. From those working as market researchers to those with a specialist in doing Internet advertising, this is a service that everyone is going to need.

Innovation is one of the driving forces of the Western world today. As consumers we are always looking for the next exciting product and as business people we are looking for something new and exciting that will bring in revenue. Whether you're creating new procedures to be used or new software for advanced computer systems there are going to be more jobs for those that love to create. Engineers, scientists, and those working in product design are definitely going to have many jobs coming to them in the near future.

With the cities across Canada and the world growing larger in population by the minute there is always going to be a need for some essential services. Doctors, nurses, and educators will always be valued professions. But people are also always going to have a need for a place to live and that means working with local real estate agents. The real estate industry has suffered some loses over the last few years but things are already starting to turn around in the nation's largest city centers. So, you will likely find that there are many youngsters who will grow up to be a real estate agent.

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