One of the greatest gifts in life can be finding what you love to do at an early age and having the ability to turn it into a successful career. But that's certainly not the path that everyone gets to take. Most people don't know whether they are going to work at a marketing firm or in retail sales when they're still in high school and there are some who start university of college studies even before they have a solid answer. But if you're at the point where you want to start building a career path there are many people who can help you along the way.

If you have no idea which industry you might see yourself working in than one of the best things that you can do is visit a professional career counselor and take a career placement test. This will assess your skills, experience, and interests and provide you with a list that fits your unique self. You might find that you are best suited for working as a professional organizer or as a landscape designer with The Ghent Group. The best thing about this test is you might discover some careers that you didn't even know existed.

Those that know what sector they'd like to work in but not necessarily the perfect job have lots of resources that they can make use of and people that they can consult. If you're in a program for medical science and you don't know if you would fit better working as a dental assistant or a physiotherapist than you should speak with some professors at school. They will be honest with you about your own abilities and where you next step should be once you make a decision.

Sometimes you need to explore the world of work to see what you like and don't like before settling down to one career. You might start by working for a taxi service to see if you enjoy working in customer service or intern while at school for a magazine. You should remember that there is nothing that says one career choice will determine what you're doing for the next forty years. Experiment and find different mentors and experiences along the way.

Once you have that one career picked out that's just right for you you're still likely going to need some help and guidance to show you the road to getting your dream job. Many people choose to find a mentor who can help guide them through the early steps of their career. If you're working for a office than you may want to shadow a more experienced agent for the first few months before finding too many of your own clients. Or you could find a mentor already working in that industry while you're still in school.

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