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One of the things that people know about Canadians is that we are great travellers. We know how to act when we are away from our own country, whether we're spending a month in India or a week in the South of France. This is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and there are millions of people living here who love Canada but want to see what else is out there every once in a while. If you're going to travel outside of Canada, whether that be for a vacation or as part of your business, you're going to need to get a passport first.

There are two different options for those that are getting a passport for the first time. If you're over the age of sixteen then you will be applying for an adult passport and those that are still living at home with their parents and under 16 will be applying for a child's passport. The first requirement for an adult passport is that you're a Canadian citizen. You will need to prove this by filling out a three page application, which includes one document showing that you are from this country. You will also need two identical passport photos and documents to support your identity.

Those that are filling out an application for their child will need to fill out a shorter application but will still need to have proof that their child is a Canadian citizen. If you're between the ages of three and fifteen then this passport could be valid for up to five years. A passport for those that are under the age of three is good for three years. For both an adult and a child's passport application you will need to include information for a guarantor. This is someone who has known that applicant for at least two years and is not a family member. They are meant to prove that the photo is really of the person that it says that it is. This could be a family doctor or a neighbour who has known you most of your life.

There are different fees and a different timeline for when you will get your passport depending on how you file your application. If you need your passport in less than a couple of weeks then you should definitely file in person. But, if you're not living in Toronto or somewhere else close to a passport office then it is possible to submit your application by mail. If you already have a passport ant simply need to renew it then you will find that the application is much less vigorous than the first time that you applied. A simplified renewal passport application is meant for those that have never had their passport lost or stolen and this only requires you to fill out a couple of pages and pay a fee. You will get your new passport usually within a couple of weeks. You can click here for more information on applying for a passport.

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