While most parents want to challenge their kids and put them in educational programs, you have to admit that it's just as important that kids get out there and have some good fun every once in a while. They only have so much time before they become a famous architect or doctor that you're dreaming of them turning into and you want to make sure they are enjoying that time. One of the ways to have fun with your kids is to travel to a nearby amusement park. There are plenty to choose from across Canada.

About twenty percent of the country's population lives in he Greater Toronto Area and for them there are a few different choices when it comes to amusement parks. The biggest and most popular is Canada's Wonderland. This is full of rollercoasters and a full water park. If you're children are teenagers or still in diapers than there are games, rides, and shows available that will keep them entertained for a whole day. Marineland is only a short drive away and is another popular destination.

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If you're in Eastern Canada than the closest rollercoasters and great rides are going to be found at Upper Clements Park. Here you will find thrill rides for those that are looking for a bit of adventure away from home and gentler choices for those that might just want a leisurely afternoon while the kids are in line for the fastest rollercoasters. There are also a few other choices in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island where you will find arcade and fair style rides throughout the summer months.

Edmonton, Alberta is the home to the world's largest mall and inside is an amusement park full of a variety of different rides. There is also a water park and an aquarium. This is a place where mom and dad can shop while the kids have all of the fun that they could possibly pack into one day. Another choice in Alberta is Calaway Park, which has classics like Free Fallin' and Flying Ace.

The Pacific National Exhibition is the place to go for amusement park fun on the West Coast. Playland has rides that run throughout the warmer months and events like their Halloween haunted houses. If you're visiting from your hometown and want to check out the rides for a few hours or want to be able to send your kids there on sunny days throughout their summer vacation, they have everything that you might need in terms of attractions and festivities. And it is all just a short bus right from the downtown core of the city.

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